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Saturday, October 16, 2004
  Almost all day this time without getting pissed off. So the poll at CNN today is: Do you think sexual preference is a choice? Is this a canard for some more deep-seated opinions, or is CNN really interested in some abstruse philosophy here? Does it make any difference, whether homosexuals are right or wrong to love the people they love, if they made a "choice" or if they were "born" into it? Do we really see a mad rush of erstwhile manly men "choosing" to have sex with other man, be called pansies, be discriminated against? Did you ever know of anyone unattracted to birds suddenly choose to become hot for them?

Or more subtly: is it possible for people to choose their emotions, as if they were a dress in the closet? Jesus Christ, but those people are sad, pathetic, and totally unwilling to rise above idiotic discourse.

That a lot depends on one's answer to this question is nearly as ludicrous as the insistence of some people to deny the inherent naturalness of homosexuality. Some people couldn't afford to get the DSM-III, I guess.

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