A Description of a Really Nice Sausage
Sunday, October 24, 2004
  Meat. The only undeniable, truly wretchedly sickeningly thing we can say about John Kerry is that he looks French. The only UTWS thing (vide supra) we can say about Bush is that he looks manly.

So how long can America pretend with her friends that she fell down the stairs, or bumped into the coffee table—"Oh, I bruise really easily, it's not that bad." How long can she persist in lying not only to those who trust her, not only to herself, but to him, who has a clear problem and must stop now?

The thing about Clinton is that when he came on someone's dress, she kept it. I don't think there will be any delay on January 20 for America to get off her knees and towel off her chin.
Ha-ha! That sure is funny. And for once this isn't yourself commenting to yourself. You are demented, but I love you anyway.

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