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Wednesday, October 20, 2004
  More malfeasance later — now, just a shout-out. Came across this site, which I hesitate even to link to, it's so unbelievably, disgustingly wrong-headed and ignorant. There's not much there as of yet, fortunately, but as with septicemic bacteria, I think we can be assured this necrotic mass will only grow given heat and culture medium. What's particularly galling is the FAQ, in which every other fucking word, it seems, is trademarked. Is this the late capitalistic step of spirituality development in America? Is this a wonderful proof of entrepreneurial evolution — insofar as online spiritual organizations have to specialize to unoccupied niches to gain any survival advantage?

I don't know — I am just an idiot, after all, and possessed of a blog, which is about as sensible as imbuing governments with some sort of moral righteousness.
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