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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
I think that if you ask Dick Cheney's daughter which team she likes in the ACLS, she'll tell you that it's not a choice, and that the Sox are simply in her blood.
Personally, I think John Kerry is a horrible man, and certainly no father figure, to disregard a mother's anguish like that, acknowledging what's yes okay public but still needs no attention drawn to it — who could ever bear the embarrassment? — that her daughter likes the Red Sox.
i mean, if you think about it, what john kerry did was very much an invasion of privacy. think about poor mary cheney and the stigma of being gay and then being called out on it by some tank-haired ol' machasssuetts (?) liberal.

if i were gay, i'd want to keep it a secret, not that i am or ever will be (eww)

okay i know i cant spell good so sue me, be like jon edwards and the rest of those trail lawyer freaks and sue the pants off me I DARE YOU!!!!!
I find it unbelievable that I agree with the previous poster, but Kerry was clearly pandering when he made the statement about the Cheneys' daughter during the debates. He's supposed to be talking about the issues and he brings up a lesbian? How's that going to work?

If Mary Cheney wants to be a lesbian then great, as long as she doesn't flaunt her lifestyle in front of me or my kids, I don't really care. Mr. Kerry in essence was flaunting her lifestyle in front of my kids for her (and I thought having them watch the debate would be wholesome — boy was I ever wrong).

I don't know that there's a homosexual agenda or anything, but this sure reeks like special interests to me.

She's openly gay, guys. Plus, Dick Cheney during his debate thanked Edwards for his kind words when he brought it up. So what's the big deal?
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