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Sunday, October 17, 2004
  Would you like some health care? Oh, I'm sorry, you can't have any. You're too poor. Kos talking about health care has rescued the crumpled body of an issue shut into a car trunk ten years ago, and much to the detriment of the United States, or at least those people in it like the Description who have shitty coverage, no coverage, or worse (worse meaning they're already tethered to a humongous mass of medical bills). But dismissing single-payer is misguided.
At the level of care alone, there are too many issues. Like, for instance, how many resources to put into prevention and alternative techniques. Or what to do about the impact of undocumented immigrants. Or how to deal with the effect of people “overusing” the system for health problems that should never necessitate trips to the clinic. Or do we continue expensive treatments for people about to die? And, of course, how to overcome the many political obstacles, like insurance-company clout and the inevitable shouts of “socialism” when universal coverage is mentioned.
Though categorizing health as a public good, recognizing that entrepreneurial medicine can't deliver effectively to our population, and noting that rationing is inevitable under any system, he seems loathe to commit to single payer.

Now look: single payer is weird, it's probably un-American, it may be a huge risk, and many many people are going to be inordinately pissed off for various, and variously-relevant, reasons — but it's also the only class of solutions that's going to work. Despite the political obstacles. Despite the tough questions. The country's shied away from it long enough.
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