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Sunday, November 07, 2004
  As the Decalogue delivered by Moshe was superseded by the Twofold Commandment of Love delivered by Christ, we have entered a new era spoken of in Revelation, and these shall be the rules we live by:

  1. Thou shalt not aide thy fellow man.
  2. Thou shalt revel in righteous moral certainty.
  3. Thou shalt hate homosexuals.
  4. Protect thee embryos from harm, for yea I say unto you cellular blastocysts are the same as a man.
  5. Remember thou art anointed.
  6. Know that the LORD helps those who invoke HIS might continuously.
  7. Thy leaders shall all be simple; for the LORD abhors insight.
  8. The LORD thy God forgives sins in HIS name.
  9. Thou shalt demean liberal traitors with all thy heart.
  10. Thou shalt fear the LORD's wrath at every second; for HIS indignation at your country may rain down terror upon innocent civilians.
  11. Thou shalt be an obedient soldier unto the LORD.
  12. Thou shalt extend thy hand only to those good people who share thy and thy LORD's goals.
  13. Thou shalt neglect they self-interest, for the LORD's way is hard.
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