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Saturday, November 06, 2004
  Guerre de culture. Red State Country Music: Toby Keith.

Blue State Country Music: Loretta Lynn.

I generally despise country music, but as I'm starting to find out, that's much a result of being exposed to jingo Nashville country-pop and putrid rockabilly coprophagiosity. After Cash's death last year, I warmed up to the Man in Black. A huge corpus, a lot of feeling and genuineness in the music.

Lynn I've discovered from her latest Jack White-produced album, Van Lear Rose, which is simply spectacular. If more Kentuckians loved Lynn, it would have gone blue—this is country music in service of more than asinine, neopatriotic anthems.

Even Dolly Parton, I can stand now, although I understand she likes to characterize her music as bluegrass rather than country, which who can blame her. Roots from Appalachian country. Real people, real songs.

As for Toby Keith: he's a person. I understand he likes pickup trucks.
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