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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
  It's like I'm starting to fetishize this guy. More from Derbyshire:
Possibly as a result of having grown up in the lower classes of provincial England, I detest snobbery. I mean, I really, viscerally, loathe it.
Entirely as a result of having grown up in a secular (though God-believing) family, and having been exposed to ideas outside the proscriptions of pulpiteers, I detest overt, proselytizing religiosity. Not just viscerally hate it, but if I were somehow sublimed into a principle, I believe I would be anathema to it.

There is nothing more snobbish than pretending to a uniquely true interpretation of the beginning, fate, and purpose of the universe, and to position yourself as the divine conduit through which such interpretations are pumped. At least in Iraq they've got the idea of blowing up pipelines. And the most monstrous children of snobbery and politics are born from religious conservatives who will cradle them in the most obscene chapters of scripture.

A government founded on Jesus would be one thing—probably an improvement. But if you're hearkening unto Ezekiel, Exodus, and Leviticus, you're reading the wrong fucking books, man.

NEXT TIME ON THE SCRIP: A long-winded scholarly article on biblical exegesis, cooking tips for Thanksgiving, and Diploblastic Embryos for Bush.
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