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Saturday, November 06, 2004
  Pandering. Richard Viguerie says that Conservatives now with a solid majority and a play-along president should "stop pandering to moderates." One wonders, though—screw this, I wonder, can a decades-long anti-progressive hegemony really come to pass now that we are all reflectively, agonizingly aware of the historic moment? Does shit like this happen if you know it's going to happen? Did people notice what was going on with the New Deal?

Granted, it's probably not even entirely accurate to say that since the New Deal we've had a unanimously progressive society. For one thing, progressivism predates FDR. For another, as shocked as I am about the sudden power-grab, these tendencies have been coming—the revolution, if that's what it is, began in the eighties. Abstinence-only, indeed.

Abstention is, in my considered intellectual opinion, for pussies.
Progressive isn't really a descriptive word since Republicans are progressive -- just taking progress in a different direction. It's like the misnomer "social justice". Social justice is the people being unleashed to make as much of themselves as they are able.

To your other point, I think (hope) the Republicans learned a lesson or two about hegemony in 1996. They tried after their takeover of Congress in 1994 to govern withouth the input of the Democrats and it cost them in the 1996 congressional elections. Hastert and Frist I think (hope) are smarter and more strategic than that (I hope).
Brian, shut the fuck up!
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