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Thursday, November 04, 2004
  So but like Sunday Chris IM'd me and he was all im sorry baby and i was like, yeah sure right, prick, leave me the fuck alone, but like he kept IMing me all day and i IMed Jenna and told her he was like harassing me and she was so totaly disugsted and we were like plotting how to get Chris and i finally loged off and he started calling me. i knew i thas him because the caller id was his friend's cell but he didn't say anything i just like answered and wasn't nobody on th eline. So I fucking *69ed him and i didn't even wait fo rhte hello i just went off on him i called him a fucking childish asshole i said like, you got a small dick and it's like, mishapen and crooked and shit, and like i told him all sorts of stuff and i hope it was his friend instead of chris so that now his firends know what a shit-head incompitint lover he is.

and like so monday I wnet over to Jenna's house and we were just chatting online, and like doing our homework and shit, and like chris comes back on and he's like harassing us some more, tellin' Jenna she's stupid and ugly and fuckin let me talk and stay the fuck out of it, bitch, so i got on there and told him fuck off you small-dicked perv, and w ewent downstares and just like watched a movie it was the ring, pretty scary i think I havent seen it b4.

So then like on toosday----yesterday--- i saw chris in the halls at school all feelin up on sum slizz and it was like tracy wiltman, that fuckin skank-ho, i mean sure my tits would look that big too if i put them on a plate under my shirt and fuckin who wears bangs anymore? its so fuckin tacky and shes such a slut, she like gave handjobs to bobby eric, jonny horsemeyer, and ricky tan on like consecutive weeks at the football game and she's so fuckin herpetic (thanks lawrence for that word i hope i spelled it right!) its like you can smell the herpes sores whenever she come snear you-----it must be why she pours on all that fuckin nasty perfume. and i was thinking like why the fuck is he goin after fuckin tracy wiltman like is that goddamn horny or desprit? or like has it gotten out about his small dick and she's the only one with that bigass horse-mouth of hers who can push her lips out enough to suck it? i was so fuckin pissed and i went up to him and it old him what the fuck are you doin? and shes all like hes with a winner bitch and i called her a cunt and pushed her down the stairs and she fucking so fuckin screamed like a little baby seal and i just like went to class but like in the middle of fourth hour like i got called down to the principal and there was the cunt with a bandage around her fucking precious horse-face and i got yelled at and the principal told me to apologize but like ----yeah right, i just called her a cunt right to her ekwine face (thx again, larry) and i got like suspended for ten days.

fuckin mom came got me and it like started right away and i jus tlike fuckin snapped and tol dher to lay off my shit and she like fuckin slapped me right on the freeway like---like-how fuckin safe can that be? when we got home i just fuckin like holed up in my room and its been like 18 ours since then and i'v just been like writing in my diary and painting and like they fuckin yanked my internet and dad barged in and fuckin ripped my phone away but like they fcukin foget ----ialmost forgot----i got a modem in my computer so i just put the the phone cord in the back, fished out on eof those stupid aol cds from the trash, waited for nightfall, and now fuckin here i am world. 18, easy, on the internet. Fuckin jus try and stop me.
What the hell is this? Dear, you're starting to worry me
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