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Monday, November 22, 2004
  Usually I reserve a special kind of contempt for people who claim possession of the capital-T TRUTH and preach denigration of all heterodox positions, and that's still a useful position to take in most situations, in most places, with most nefarious truth-claiming characters—but you know what? America denies evolution's role in the development of complex life, and she is wrong. Contemptuously, madly, utterly and completely wrong.

And let me go a little easier on myself, while masochism is still legal: I, nor any evolutionary biologist, nor any biologist for that matter, cannot and will not claim special knowledge. We have what scientists have wrought for the past century and a half: careful observation and theory, applied consistently to the evidence. Undoubtedly, there are many particulars which are currently misunderstood, or just plain wrong. But that evolution has occurred is a fact.

So now, America—learn to deal with it.
That is so fucking stupid. Notice that shrub supporters mostly support creationism, which also on average proved to be not as intelligent as Kerry supporters. Coincidence? Nah.
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