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Saturday, November 27, 2004
  Worth mentioning that the people are stupid meme is trite. Trite like seeing a guy getting kicked in the balls is trite. Parse that all by yourselves.

But like I mean if you're one of the elite who is not stupid, than evidence to the contrary is your finding profundity or novelty in the observation that those who are not, are. You should realize this already. It's like a black guy saying, "These non-black people are white!" At least, in a suitably third- or fourth-race-deficient country.

Moreover, as stupid people undoubtedly outnumber smart people by orders of magnitude, a productive attitude is less supercilious and more accommodating. Less overtly supercilious, more superficially accommodating. It's like, you live with penguins, you eat raw fish.

And but the majority of stupid people is not just a demographic fact of the moment; it's virtually guaranteed by a number of generic and universally-applicable scientific principles. First, that of normal distributions. Second, by Murphy's Law of Civilizations. And lastly, because the abundance of evidence in hand demonstrates God to be analogous to a baked sixteen year-old playing The Sims by removing all doors from a small house and slowly watching his avatar starve and piss himself to death.

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